The son of one of my friends was ill recently, and she said the poor thing lay on the couch moaning “Why me?” for several days! As children,  many things can cause us to question the fairness of life. Unfortunately,  we often don’t outgrow the “Why me?” syndrome.

The truth is, there are many, many things we go through in life that we will never understand the reason why. Take a look at Job’s life. In all his suffering, God never once told him the reason why. He never knew the purpose behind his problems. Instead, God expected him to trust His ways.

Trying to figure out God’s thought processes can be an exercise in futility! Instead, learn to lean on Him. It’s the essence of what faith truly is. And, we will see the fruit of what He is doing in and through us much sooner if we aren’t spending our energies on the “whys” of life.