You may have heard the phrase, “In, but not of, the world.” At it’s core is the idea that as Christians we have to live in this fallen, broken world. We are not immediately translated to Heaven when we receive Christ. Unless we are in a monastery or convent, we are can’t sequester ourselves away from evil around us. But, we are to be set apart from the influences of the world. It may mean we do different things in our free time or watch different programs on television, but we are to be different from the world around us.

Odd as it may seem, it’s possible to also be “In, but not of, the Word.” There are folks who know scripture and verse, but have never pursued a relationship with the Author. They are like a walking Strong’s Concordance and can cite references from memory, but they have never allowed the Holy Spirit to make the words come alive in their hearts.

Bible study is an essential part of our Christian walk. But first and foremost, we must develop a relationship with the One who is the subject of it all. If that is you – if you’ve pondered His words but never prepared your heart – it isn’t too late. Today is a great day to start. You will find the words more vibrant, more alive than ever as you seek Him with your whole heart.