My laptop is currently on hour 13 of a security scan that is only a quarter of the way done. The problem? My daughter used it earlier this week to play some games on the internet, and when I powered it up last night there were some “spyware” programs that I didn’t OK!

Some of them were simple to uninstall, but others are embedded much deeper in the files. The security scan will have to flush them out.

“Unauthorized downloads” have a way of sneaking into our lives, too. That television show that gets your imagination going in the wrong direction, that “innocent” relationship that turns into more before you realize it, the poor attitudes that creep up on us – all unauthorized, all dangerous, all must be taken out.

Some are easier to uproot than others, but it is the Word of God that is critical to the operation. Let His voice show you what should be in your life, what should not, and how to get your heart back in top shape.

In the future,  guard your heart by hiding the Word there. It’s a firewall that is impenetrable to the enemy. Let God guide you and you will lessen the danger of “unauthorized downloads.”