I have met people – and I’ll bet you have too – who think it’s sacrilegious to question God. I disagree with that notion. I think it’s human nature, and I don’t think it throws Him off when our hearts and heads have a hard time with what He is doing.

If you search scripture, there is case after case of those now considered “heroes of faith” who questioned the Almighty. They weren’t railroaded out of God’s plan. He saw their trepidation and He proved Himself to a sceptical people.

If this is you today, don’t feel alone. I have never met a believer who hasn’t questioned God’s plan at some point. The trick is to use those questions to draw closer to Him. Get deeper into the Word. Spend more time in prayer. Really seek His face so that He can show you the bigger picture.

God wants to be found. Our questions can help draw us closer to Him.