“[T]hen the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials, and to keep the unrighteous under punishment until the day of judgment,” 2 Peter 2:9

Have you spent much time around fire and rescue departments? It seems like an odd question, I know. In my former life as a newspaper reporter, I became well acquainted with our local fire department. They had a brand new, shiny red truck they were quite proud of. They called it “Rescue One” and it was stocked from front to back and both sides with everything they might need to rescue someone: inflatable pillows (for lifting heavy objects); backboards (for stabilizing patients); even the “jaws of life” (for opening mangled metal.)

In short, that department is well-equipped for any type of rescue. Likewise, your Heavenly Father is well-equipped for whatever emergency you may face. Nothing takes Him by surprise, and He has infinite resources at His disposal. He never even has to restock from the last time he helped you!

What problems are you facing today? Are you waiting on a rescue you feel will never come, or have you been too distraught to even call for help? Don’t worry – He is always on time, always willing, and always prepared. Your rescue is just a prayer away.