I sat in “my chair” flipping television channels. I came across half a dozen Christian programs. My daughter was on the computer in the office, listening to her favorite Christian music while playing a gsme. My husband was still at our weekly praise team practice, helping set up for Sunday’s service. We are a family deeply immersed in God and ministry.

I began to pray that I would never take Him for granted.

Sometimes, when you are surrounded by something (or someone) constantly, it’s easy to take it for granted.  We are blessed in this country to have nearly universal access to God’s word, powerful teaching,  and uplifting music. Yet, I receive messages nearly every day at my job (working in my church’s office) reminding me to pray for persecuted Christians and missionaries around the globe. This week, I printed luggage tags for our missions teams. I was advised to leave the word “church” off in case they were used in the future in “restricted” countries.

We are so blessed, and we don’t even realize it. It can be easy to tune Him out when we don’t have to fight for access. We can forget Jesus’ sacrifice when the sacred becomes commonplace.

Lord, I thank you for your sacrifice, and for the freedom I have to worship You. Help me to never take You for granted. Remind me that I have brothers and sisters around the globe who need my prayers and support. May I always stand, with them, in awe of You.