“By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established” Proverbs 24:3

My daughter has reached the age where she is being placed in more situations where I am not around to guide her. She attends sleepovers and trips without me, and I’m blessed that I have never had to worry about her behavior. She knows how to follow rules and instructions and obey those who are in charge of her.

What I do worry about, though, are those situations not covered by the rules or supervised by caretakers. There are times when she is required to make decisions, usually on the fly, about what she should do. It’s for those instances that I have begun to pray that she will have wisdom.

We can know all of the rules and regulations, but our life’s course is established in those in-between times. It’s the decisions we make that rely on more than legalities which tell what we’re really made of.

I pray today that, while you study God’s word for His precepts, that you will seek after His wisdom as well. The course of your life isn’t determined by rules alone, but by knowing what to do when no rule applies. His rules give us knowledge, but His Spirit gives us wisdom.