I work at a church, and from time to time I need to take one of the church vans on an errand. Now, I usually try to be a careful driver, but even moreso when I’m in a “company car.”

Others drive them, too, and on more than one occasion I have answered a phone call from a concerned motorist. The voice on the other end reports that someone in a vehicle with our church name on the side is driving erratically. I thank them for calling, and make sure the driver in question knows how they were observed.

When I’m in a church van, that name on the side means my driving reflects back on the church. And, as Christians, our behavior – good or bad – reflects upon our Savior. Once people identify me as His, I am suddenly under more scrutiny than before. If I make a misstep, it can make non-believers, and those new to the faith, question a life lived for Him.

What impression of Jesus are you leaving on those around you? Do your actions draw people to Him, or push them away? Just like driving a van with our church name on the side, we have to remember that we are always representing Christ. Whether it’s negative or positive is up to us.