“Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity…” Titus 2:7

I’ve been thinking a lot about mentorship lately. The concept has become popular in both sacred and secular circles, as men and women seek the wisdom of the more experienced. It is seen as a secret to success and something we should all strive for.

But more and more I’m learning that we can be mentors whether we know it or not. Think about the people who have helped make you who you are today. Did they all call themselves “mentors?” Doubtful. But there is no doubt that they influenced you. Like it or not, we affect the people around us. It is up to us to decide if that is for good, or bad.

If we follow Christ’s example and model good works in everything we undertake, we will always be a positive influence on the people in our lives.

How are you using your influence? Because you have it, whether you realize it or not. We must be mindful of what effect we leave on others and our role as unintentional mentors.