“When she got him to sleep, his head on her lap, she motioned to a man to cut off the seven braids of his hair. Immediately he began to grow weak. His strength drained from him.” Judges 16:19

Samson was something special.

From the time he was concieved, his parents were given strict instructions. He was to be set apart. Holy. Visibly different from the heathens around him.

His one weakness was women, and Delilah made him weakest of all. We are told that she had someone cut all of his hair, but I believe that just a trim would have done the trick. He still would have become weak and defenseless, defeated and taken captive.

When we become God’s children – set apart, holy, different from the world – we are being held to a higher standard. God has a work for us to do, and any sin or hindrance that we allow into our lives in disobedience opens us up to defeat. Any time we think a little won’t hurt, we put ourselves in a position of powerlessness over the enemy.

God has not called us to lives of compromise, but of victory over sin. Jesus paid the ultimate price so that we don’t have to fall into Satan’s traps. The next time you are tempted to get “a little off the top,” remember Samson. Say “no” to temptation, and “yes” to God’s purpose for your life.