“Surrender to God! Resist the devil, and he will run from you.” James 4:7

Ever wonder why white flags are the ones used in a surrender? Flag experts say part of the reason the custom developed was in contrast to the colorful banners armies often carried into battle. It makes sense; if an army’s colors form part of their identity, a white flag would signal that they had given up their cause.

When we surrender to God, we bring nothing to the table. Everything we are is swallowed up in Him. And surrendering our whole selves to Him is the only hope we have of resisting the enemy’s advances.

So today, give up. Surrender. Not to your issues, your problems, or your temptations. Surrender to God, so you can resist the devil. Let everything you are be overtaken by God. Raising the white flag in our lives is the only way to be assured of a victory.