“We must keep our eyes on Jesus, who leads us and makes our faith complete. He endured the shame of being nailed to a cross, because he knew later on he would be glad he did. Now he is seated at the right side of God’s throne!” Hebrews 12:2

Ever try to focus your attention on something far away? It can be done, but it’s pretty difficult. The further away the object is, the more chance for distractions to get in our way. Before we know it, we can lose sight of what we were looking at in the first place.

To endure this life, we can only focus on one thing: Jesus. He is the One who came to set our example, and He is the only infallible One. But to keep Him in view, we have to keep Him close. Reading the word, prayer, and making the conscious decision to turn to Him throughout the day all help up keep the proper perspective.  Otherwise, the trials of this life have a way of distracting us and distancing us from Him.

To keep the faith, we have to keep our focus on Jesus. And to do that, we have to draw close to Him.