A couple of years ago, I needed a few blank notecards for an event I was participating in. At the store, I found an awesome deal: 200 multi-colored cards and envelopes on clearance for $6! Score!

I have kept the plastic box with those cards in it on my desk for around two years now. Every so often, when I needed a card, there it was. As the years have passed, that box of 200 has dwindled to just about a dozen. That realization was shocking to me, and a bit sad. I liked those cards, and the color they brought to my workspace, and now they are all but gone!

In reality, I could have bought those cards and let them sit, and never used any. But each card I have written reminds me of encouragements given, apologies offered, and occasions celebrated. The cards were fulfilling their purpose by being used up.

Our Christian lives will never fulfill their purposes if we stay boxed up on a shelf, either. Sure, it’s safer that way, but we’ll just collect dust and never know the joy of living how God created us: living in community with other believers, sharing their joys and sorrows, spreading His love to all.

Don’t worry about my notecard stash: I already have another shopping trip planned! And don’t worry about giving out too much of yourself serving God. Whatever you give others, He has plenty of to renew you. Live in that peace, and let yourself be used up for Him.