Then he said to his servant, “Go and look out toward the sea.” The servant went and looked, then returned to Elijah and said, “I didn’t see anything.” Seven times Elijah told him to go and look. 1 Kings 18:43

My daughter came to me the other day for help with a school assignment. She was to put herself in the place of Elijah’s servant, and consider what he might have been thinking as he served on Mt. Carmel. It often helps her to formulate her thoughts if she talks it out first. I read over the account again to refresh my memory.

She decided that this servant probably got pretty impatient, and wondered why he had to keep going, and maybe even rolled his eyes just a little. She also said he learned a very important lesson, to obey his master even if it seemed crazy.

Leave it up to my 12-year-old to catch on to the obvious before her Bible-college-graduate mother.

I had never really considered the servant’s role in all this, but I have to admit I learned a thing or two myself that day. Like, say, obeying God even when it doesn’t make any sense, even when it doesn’t look like it’s doing any good.

And maybe not rolling my eyes while I’m at it.

Lord, help me to have enough faith, and enough courage,  to follow your will no matter how many doubts I may be harboring inside.