“Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!” Psalm 105:4

My daughter got a “bee in her bonnet” recently. It was over a video game, of all things! She researched for the best deal. She did extra chores – so many chores we ran out of jobs to give her! She ate, slept, and breathed her goal until she achieved it.

It made me a little sad, I’ll admit.  I wondered what would happen if, as she grows up, she sought after God with the same fervor. And then the thought – what if I did?

Although I continually need the Lord, I don’t always continually seek Him. How different would my life be if I did, if I stayed in that mode? I know it isn’t practical to only have Him as my focus, 24/7 – I do have to figure out what to cook for dinner! But I also know I could atand to be more dilligent.

I pray that we’ll get a “bee in our bonnets” to seek Him today.