I’ve been looking at a bookshelf in my living room a lot lately. The first thing that strikes me is that I really could stand to dust it! But I’ve also thought about the permanence of the things sitting on it. I’ve been wondering if it isn’t time for some rearranging,  some freshening up, some tweaking.

Ive been thinking about how even people who build their “dream home” from the ground up, if they live there long enough, eventually find something to update. It seems like people are never really finished with anything!

As humans, we don’t want our living spaces to be outdated. As a Christian,  I don’t want my relationship with my Savior to be outdated, either. It’s what keeps me in the word, reading Christian publications,  talking with other believers, and, yes, even writing. As I keep seeking Him, my walk stays relevant to me and to the world around me.

We are never finished as long as we don’t let ourselves be. What do you need to work on freshening up today?