I live in a fairly rural area.

Scratch that. I live in a very rural area. Our county’s biggest industries are cattle, cotton, and soybeans. The four-mile stretch of highway between my house and the interstate is almost exclusively agricultural. It’s not uncommon for the police dispatch reports printed in our local paper to include at least one “cows out” call!

I can look at those fields and take a guess at what is planted, but truthfully (with the exception of cotton) I really am just guessing. All those leaves look the same to me! There is one who knows for sure what will be harvested, though – the farmer who planted the crops.

We are like those fields, you know. We have potential and God has a plan. We can look at our own lives, or the lives of others, and hazard a guess as to what the outcome will be. But in the end, only our Heavenly Father knows for sure what He placed inside each of us. We may have to wait years, and endure many trials, for the harvest to be revealed.

You have a purpose. You have a destiny. Don’t lose sight of that, for yourself or others,  because you don’t recognize it now. As long as we are being tended by the Farmer, we will see that harvest in the end.