“Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house.” Proverbs 24:27

Two things happened in my world this week which have something in common (though it might not be immediately clear). First,  I attended a funeral. Second, a winter storm is heading towards my area.

What ties bind these two things? Preparation.

The funeral I attended – for one of the members of my church – reminded me that we never know when the Lord will call us home.  This gentleman had been ill for some time, but he didn’t know when his time would come. He was prepared when it did, having his affairs in order with God and man.

And people all around me have been making preparations for this winter storm. We don’t know exactly when it will hit, or what it will entail. But it is coming. My preparations have included making sure the dishes and clothes were washed, and that my family has their showers, since we stand a chance of losing water and power if the storm gets very severe. My husband and I made sure our work was done in case we can’t make it to the office. And we’re stocked up on food for ourselves and our animals.

What preparation do you need to make for eternity? How is your house – your life – being built? Maybe you need to square some things away with God. Maybe you need to make peace with family. Maybe you need to rebuild broken relationships.

Whatever it is, remember that it’s important not to delay. Life throws us a lot of curve balls, and we must be ready as we can be for whatever comes our way. There is no time like the present to make preparation for the future.