My husband is a bit of a neat freak. I am a bit of a “messy.” Every once in awhile, the clutter becomes too much for him to tolerate and he declares a “cleaning day.”

These, as you can guess, are not my favorite days.

On one such day I was cleaning off the kitchen table – that piece of furniture we bought apparently not to eat on,  but to collect things. Lots and lots of things. I wish it was all “big” things. Those are easy to clean. No, it was small objects, most of which didn’t have a proper home, that took me forever to clean!

The Lord spoke to me and let me know that it isn’t always the big things that keep my heart from being right with Him. After all,  those would be easy to get rid of. I’m not murdering anyone, or holding someone up at gunpoint. But those little things – gossip, envy, anger – the things that are not so easily seen are often the hardest to get rid of.

Small things help keep us close to the Savior too. Prayer, daily Bible study,  meditation time, and fellowship with other believers add up to a life that is lived for Him.

We have a choice to make today and everyday. Do we let the small things that draw us closer or lead us further from God win out? A thousand small decisions determine our destiny, and there is no better time to realize that than now.