“In him lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Colossians 2:3

I, being the novice cook that I am,  watch many of the cooking competition shows in amazement. How on earth are these chefs given a group of seemingly unrelated ingredients, and expected to make a meal,  on the spur of the moment? Especially when I stand in my pantry many nights,  looking at food that I purchased myself, and don’t know what to make for dinner?

It occurred to me that these were not inexperienced home cooks. These were trained chefs who had knowledge I did not. Their repertoire of recipes was vast and varied,  and they knew the ways different flavors played off each other. They weren’t going in blindly. They had inside knowledge that I lacked.

God takes seemingly unrelated pieces of our lives and makes them coalesce into something usable,  too. How? Because he has knowledge that we don’t. He knows not only how our lives are supposed to fit together, but also how we are connected with others. In His infinite wisdom He is working to put all the pieces into place. He knows the ingredients and the recipes,  because He created it all.

Don’t look at your life and think it’s a mess that couldn’t possibly be made whole. Don’t be discouraged when you can’t see a plan materializing. Remember who the Master Chef is,  and that He has an inside track that can make something out of nothing, beauty out of ashes,  and order out of chaos.