“Great is the Lord ! He is most worthy of praise! No one can measure his greatness.” Psalms 145:3

There are a lot of things vying for our time and attention these days. Media, music, books, electronic diversions,  not to mention our daily work and family responsibilities,  can overwhelm us with their demands. One wonders how to sneak more hours into a day.

We sometimes have to make choices, and in doing so, we’re ascribing worth. What is worth our time? What is worth our focus? What is worth our efforts?

And that is where our worship comes in. When you put it in simple terms, what we see as worthy is what we will worship. We place worth on someone or something and it instantly becomes more important in our lives. We become more mindful of it’s use and condition. We think about it more often. We begin to give it priority when we are making decisions.

We have to fix in our hearts and minds that God is worthy of our worship if we are to make that aspect of our lives paramout. Read through His word, spend time in meditation with him, and grasp – really get a frim grip on – what makes Him so awesome and deserving of our praise.

I pray today that His worthiness, His infinite greatness will become imbeddded in our souls so that we can’t help but worship, to praise,  to give honor and glory to Him.