“Don’t keep looking at my sins. Remove the stain of my guilt.” Psalm 51:9

I’ll admit, laundry isn’t one of my favorite chores. (For the record, it’s the putting away part that gets me, every time!) Part of doing laundry is treating stains, of course. And, I’ll also admit to being a bit lazy with my pre-treating at times. It’s usually the more serious dirt that spurs me into action! Unfortunately, this strategy backfires when something I think is inconsequential turns out to be harder to remove than I had thought.

And if I’m honest, the stains of my transgressions are sometimes treated the same way.

When the Holy Spirit shows me something “small” I’ve done that needs to be dealt with, I don’t always take care of it right away. But those “small” things can cause me just as much trouble as the “big” things if they aren’t dealt with properly. A stain is a stain, and all have the potential to cause issues if they aren’t removed.

Lord, help me to not differentiate between “big” or “small” sins. Help me to come to You with all my stains, and let You help me come out white as snow.