“Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding.” Proverbs 2:2

Our area has just endured yet another winter storm. We are in the Deep South,and yet it seems like we’ve spent much of this season under ice like our northern neighbors. It’s a pretty foreign concept to most of us, so we look to people like our weather men and women to help us keep abreast of the situation. I’m sure ratings skyrocket, as people who don’t normally don’t watch local news are tuned in to see what tomorrow will bring…especially school children, waiting to see their school’s name written along the bottom of the screen under the “Closings” heading!

I have to remind myself to “tune in” to God as much as I’ve “tuned in” to the news these last few weeks. Because you know what? I don’t just find out what the weather is when I’m watching. I find out what’s going on in my community and my world. I gain a whole other depth of knowledge, just because I was curious what the high would be the next day.

When we look to God for wisdom during a problem we’re having, we don’t just gain understanding for that specific situation. He shows us things about His nature, and about ourselves, that we never would have discovered otherwise. When we make that conscious effort to “tune in” to Him, we hear more that we knew we needed. The lessons go far beyond our current crisis, and understanding can brighten other areas of our lives.

I’ve got my spiritual antennae up – how about you?