I have been reading some in Exodus, specifically chapter 28 where Moses is given very specific instructions on making garments for the priests. The Chief Priest’s garments are especially ornate: they are to include engraved stones and threads of pure gold.


Although I’d read this passage many, many times, suddenly I found myself wondering: where, in the middle of the desert, did they come up with a bunch of jewels?

(Flips back a few chapters)

Oh, I see that the people brought offerings before the Lord, including fine stones and gold and silver. But then, again, I wondered: where did a bunch of slaves come up with all this valuable stuff?

(Flips back a few more chapters)

Now I get it. When the Israelites left Egypt, God told them to ask their neighbors for their valuables! And apparently, the Egyptians were so glad to see them go that they obliged!

I’m sure those Hebrew slaves thought they had hit the jackpot. But really, everything they were going through was prep work for what God had next in their lives. He had a plan, and everything fit into it.

God has a plan for you, too. The obstacles you face and the victories you celebrate are all part of His prep work for your life. He is continually making you ready for the next step in the journey.

Keep your head up. Keep encouraged, whether by yourself or by others. Keep believing that God is making preparations for your future and He is revealing Himself, one step at a time.