“Anyone who claims to know all the answers doesn’t really know very much. But the person who loves God is the one whom God recognizes.” 1 Corinthians 8:2-3

There are people in all of our lives who we could refer to as “know-it-alls.“ I bet you have someone in mind right now! They have an answer for everything, and whenever someone has an idea – well, of course they had known that for years!

But God’s word cautions us against thinking we have it all together, against thinking we have all the answers. We are certainly foolish if we try to go through life with that attitude! But over and over, we are also reminded that only one thing is necessary, and only one thing is lasting: love.

God shows love.

God gives love.

God is love.

And when we walk in His love, we have all we need. We are doing His will in the earth, and He will give us whatever knowledge we need to be successful in Him.

Don’t try to act like you have all the answers – because you don’t! Rely on God and His love, and then you will be truly wise.