Here is a thought to ponder for today:

You may think you are alone in your struggle, but you are not. I know, you are expecting me to say that Jesus is with you, and that is right.

But that isn’t what I was about to say.

Yes, Jesus is with you, but you might be surprised how many of your fellow man are riding right alongside you. The trouble is, life can leave us in the dark sometimes, and sometimes people hide in the shadows. It can be difficult to see who else is in that same boat with us.

It won’t make your problem go away to know that others are traveling right alongside you. But, it can take away the feeling of isolation that our Enemy desires for us. It can help us not to fall into hopelessness and despair.

So yes, Jesus is with you, but so are a lot of flesh-and-blood people whom you might not suspect. Open your eyes, and you might just see a few of them. In the meantime, when Satan tries to tell you that you’re the only one going through this, remind him – we’re all in the same boat.