There sure are a lot of songs sung in churches which implore us to surrender to the Lord. I used to think that just meant giving up what I wanted and how I wanted to live, and submitting my life to Him.

I don’t think that anymore.

We were singing one such song recently at worship practice, and the Lord began to deal with my heart. It isn’t just our will that He wants us to surrender. He wants our hurts, hangups, and disappointments too.

We have to turn over every part of us, entrust every facet of our lives to His care. If we try to hang on to our heartaches, they will continue to cause us pain. If we try to keep our hurts, we’ll hold ourselves back from truly trusting Him and having community with others. If we don’t give over our disappointments, we are denying others the chance to be ministered to through our recovery.

All of us is all He asks. He wants to take all the pieces of our past, present, and future, and put them together into a life that He can use for His glory. Think about that the next time you feel like damaged goods, like a broken vessel, like a worthless servant. Let Him have all of you, and make you all He has designed.