“He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.” Isaiah 40:29

I’ve been thinking a lot about power lately – specifically the way we use the word for “electricity.” In the past few days, severe storms have passed through our area, threatening our power.

One afternoon just before 2 pm, the power company cut the power to the church where I work, meaning I could get absolutely no work done! On the way home that afternoon, the ignition switch in my husband’s Jeep failed, cutting power to the radio, windshield wipers, and air conditioning. That night just as I was about to go to sleep, a transformer outside my house blew, cutting power to several homes around us. Thankfully, that outage only lasted about an hour!

In each case, I realized why we say “power” when referring to electricity. In our modern age, we can’t get anything done without it! And in each case, the first concern was figuring out what needed to be done to restore that power.

As Christians, we sometimes suffer power outages. It usually comes after times of extended storms in our life, or when we have not “plugged in” through prayer, praise, and God’s word for awhile. Sometimes we don’t realize the power is out until we go to use it, and the light switch doesn’t work!

We can have our power restored by turning back to the Source. He promises “power to the weak and strength to the powerless.” That’s a pretty comforting thought when you feel like you’ve been disconnected – all we have to do is plug back in to Him.

And, that is my prayer for you today, that if you feel weak and powerless you will turn to the One who has promised to restore. He wants to use us, and He wants to provide the power we need to get the job done.