“Your laws are my treasure; they are my heart’s delight.” Psalms 119:111

I had the harrowing experience recently of helping my 12-year-old pick out a swimsuit. For most girls her age, clothes shopping is a battle of wills to see how far the child can get into “grown up” territory. Thankfully, we have the opposite problem: she has an inmate desire to be modest, something that she has had from a very young age.

After this shopping trip (and some meltdown moments) I assured my daughter that I wasn’t frustrated with her, but with the fashion industry in general.

“It’s really not your fault,” I told her. “You just have higher standards than many girls these days.”

“But mom, they’re your standards too!” was her reply.

And then I had the opportunity to explain that it didn’t matter if I had those standards, if they weren’t in her heart as well. Otherwise, I’d be enforcing rules that she tried to rebel against.

The Lord has set out His standards in His word, and they need to not only be on out heart like a to-do list – they need to be in our hearts, like a non-negotiable that we really believe in. When His word is in our heart, we will be more likely to follow Him with all our hearts.

I challenge you today to let His word soak into your spirit. Put His standards in a place where they become a part of you. Don’t look at them as His laws – make them yours as well.