“The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone.” John 1:4

I spent several years in the media and promotions industries. And although that’s no longer my “day job,” I am still fascinated by the ways in which companies, people, and organizations choose to portray themselves.

Take a company’s logo, for instance. It’s supposed to be a short, sweet message to the world of what the company is all about. It’s supposed to be distinctive, memorable, and bring the company to mind whenever it’s seen. It should be simple and represent the essence of that company.

Sometimes, it’s clear that a graphic artist took great care to design a logo, and that the higher-ups actually took his or her advice! Other times, it looks like someone with a copy of Print Shop Plus put it together using clip art from a Google image search.

Which one is more memorable to the general public? Usually the one that had more thought put into it.

The word logo is very much related to the Greek word logos – meaning word. It’s what John used in the first chapter of his gospel to describe Jesus – the Word, there before the world was made, sent down to earth to be an example of how to live.

Jesus is our logos, and our logo. He is the epitome of what our lives should look like. When we put on Jesus as our logo and our logos, we are a simple, unmistakable sign to the world around us that points to Him. The people we meet every day should immediately thing “Jesus” when they encounter us!

That being said, what is your “logo”? What do you wear around each day, and what to those who encounter you first think of when they meet you? Is it Jesus? Or is it self, envy, greed, anger, or any number of other things? If we are to bring light to this dark world, we have to do it like Jesus. We have to use His image as the example by which we live.

Successful companies have standards by which to judge their logos – did you know that John Deere Green is actually a patented color? And successful Christians have standards to judge their effectiveness by too – the life of their Savior. My prayer is that when the world looks at us, they will at once recognize Him.