We pray for God to open doors for us, and He does. We stand amazed at the opportunities He brings our way that we never could have gotten to on our own.

But what about the ones He wants to open, but we are standing in the way?

My dogs want me to open my bedroom door each morning and let them out. But if they don’t move out of my way, I can’t open it! We all end up frustrated, because I want to open that door, but they refuse to move and let me act!

Sometimes we are praying for God to open doors, and His answer is move. God has created us with a free will, and we have a part to play! We stand in His way when we have things in our lives that keep us from a close relationship with Him. We stand in His way when we neglect time in prayer and the word. We stand in His way when we insist that He answer a prayer only in the way we think He should.

My prayer today isn’t just that God would open doors for His children, but that we won’t stand in His way and hinder His plan. He wants to work His plan in our lives. He wants to move mountains and open doors for us. I don’t want anything in my life to hinder His purpose. I pray we will learn to listen to His voice, and if need be, move!