“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” Hebrews 26:3

The third verse of Hebrews chapter 26 has got to be one of my very favorite scriptures.

Why? Because the promise it holds is so simple, yet so necessary.

Perfect peace – in Bible language, “perfect” doesn’t mean “without fault.” It means “complete, whole, lacking nothing.”

Complete peace – I could let out a sigh of relief just reading that.

And could the instructions be any clearer? The promise is to those who trust in God, and who keep their minds focused on Him. The worrywart in me needs to hear that regularly! My thoughts begin to wander, and I have to snap them back to attention and focus them again!

As I lie in bed at night pondering the chaos around me, that verse returns like a goodnight gift from the Holy Spirit. He reminds me that as I keep my focus on the One who can cut through the chaos, He will bring me the peace I seek.

Complete peace. Whole peace. Perfect peace.

Could you use some of that today? Watch where your thoughts are wandering. They might be the key to unlocking a promise of peace!