“Our soul waits for the LORD; He is our help and our shield.” Psalm 33:20

My husband and daughter are among the hordes of people playing online games like Clash of Clans. While we were driving in to work, my husband (who was in the passenger’s seat) received a notification from his “clan.”

Seems he’d been attacked a couple of times, and had been awarded a shield of protection. But that shield’s time was up. He was again vulnerable.

(Or something like that. I don’t speak “online multiplayer game.”)

I remarked that it must be nice to be given a shield to thwart attacks, and then I remembered aloud, “Well, the Lord is our shield. He doesn’t keep us from attacks, but He protects us.”

The 13-year-old in the backseat piped up. “I thought the Bible said He is our Shepherd.”

“It also says He is our Shield,” said the mom now thinking her Bible literacy lessons to be seriously lacking.

To prove my point, once safely away from the steering wheel, I Googled it. Of course.

He is indeed our Shepherd. He leads us, guides us, and provides for us. But He’s also our Shield. Troubles come, and there’s no getting around that. We live in a fallen world. God won’t keep us from hard times, but He will be there to protect and sustain us.

Which do you need the Lord to be today, your Shepherd, or your Shield? He’s both, and so much more. He’s whatever you need most, whenever you put your trust in Him!