If you’ve never met me in real life, let me clue you in on a feature that you’d notice immediately.

I have purple hair.

Well, not all of it. Just streaks. And sometimes, if I’ve been lazy about keeping it up, it’s more of a pinky, magenta color. But it’s an an attention-getter, nonetheless!

The thing about having brightly colored streaks in your hair (especially at MY age) is that people comment on it. A lot. Perfect strangers will stop me in the store, or in restaurants, or in other random places, and ask exactly how I got my hair to be this shade.

Especially if they have dark hair like mine.

And I’m glad to point the way to a beauty supply store, and tell them the name of the product I use (YES, I do it at home, because NO, I can’t afford to have it done in a salon) and just the method that works for me.

“I’ve always wanted hair like that!” I’ve had more than one person exclaim.

If only I could point them to Jesus as easily.

If only there was something about me that would make perfect strangers come up to me and ask how to get what I have. If only there was something in the way I approached life that would make people exclaim, “I’ve always wanted to live like that!”

I don’t mean a “This Blood’s For You” shirt, or a big cross necklace. I mean, something oozing out of my pores that lets the lady behind me in line at Walmart know that I have something she’s been searching for. I mean that the Fruit of the Spirit are so evident in my life that people stop me on the street to find out how they can have a piece of that action.

The Word of God says we’re to be known by our love, so I know that’s a part. I also know that the way I handle everyday situations can tell people more about my character than any bumper sticker ever will.

And so my quest continues, not for the perfect shad of purple dye, but for the perfect reflection of my Savior and what He means to me. I pray that flame never fades, that I never let it get into a state of pinky-magenta disrepair.

Dear Jesus, shine through me like my purple streaks shine through my hair!