Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like him.” Colossians 3:10

On my front porch, I have several hanging baskets full of ferns. I’ve never been a “fern person,” but they were the huge size and they were on clearance (yay!) so I brought them home and gave them a little TLC. They’ve provided my home with a burst of green color which I’ve enjoyed all summer.

Except – one of the ferns mysteriously started to dry out. I don’t know if it started getting too much direct sun as the summer waned on – I’m no expert on plant life. But I do know that I kept saying to myself, “Self, you really need to tend to that fern. It would be a shame if you lost that plant that you bought for 75% off and left a gaping hole in your fern display.”

Except – I didn’t. I just told myself I would. and every morning, I’d see that fern and really, really want to help it. And every morning I’d feed my dogs, go back inside my house, and forget about that plant until the next morning – when it would happen all over again.

And then – I went on a spiritual renewal weekend. And I realized that I could “say” I wanted to get closer to God all I wanted, but I had to put some feet to my faith. I could get up every morning and go to bed every night with the best intentions, but those intentions weren’t going to water my weary soul. Only drinking from the Living Water would fill me up and help me grow.

It is only as I learn more about my Creator, spending time in worship and the word, that I will be renewed. It’s only in putting off my old nature and putting on the mind of Christ that I will find myself drawing closer to Him.

So when I returned home, I saw that plant in a whole new light. I took off the “old nature” – stripping off the dead, dry leaves. It looked more sparse, but it also looked healthier. And then I gave it a great big drink of water. And by that afternoon, it had more vigor, vitality, and verdant green color than it had in weeks. It was working! There was hope for my fern after all.

Are you wilting today? Is your soul weary and dried out, tired from the constant heat of life’s problems? Don’t just have good intentions. Act on those thoughts. Take away the “old things” that are bringing you down. Drink deeply from the Living Water. Watch as your spirit is renewed,  refreshed, and re-invigorated. Begin to grow, and go, and give life to others. There is hope for you! Drink up!