“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” Is. 26:3

My daughter is a full-fledged teenager now, but her mouth somehow hasn’t gotten that memo. Her jaws are stubbornly holding on to four “baby” teeth, and the orthodontist said they had to go. This morning was Round 1.

Now, my daughter is no girly-girl. She’s not afraid of very much. She’s my partner at our weekly Krav Maga class, and she will straight up leave me black and blue. She’s half my size, but she’s thrown me to the ground on more than one occasion. But somehow, when it comes to medical procedures, she gets a little…antsy. Every time I’ve mentioned her dental work, she’s gotten sullen. Last night, she was trying to figure out if the dog had any germs to give her so she’d get sick and miss her appointment, and this morning she drug her feet, hoping to make us late.

But we’ve talked before about ways to keep her mind calm. She loves to listen to worship music, especially the songs they do each week at our youth service. So she’s downloaded some on her phone, and this morning she decided she’d listen to them on the way to the appointment.

We prayed this morning before we went in, and I specifically asked God to help her have those songs playing in her head during the procedure. When she came out a little later, she was the picture of calm. She said she had indeed had a private concert in her head, and that it had made a big difference in how she felt.

I told her that she’d unlocked a great tool: She’d done her part (by keeping her mind focused on God, and not her problems). And He’d done His part, by keeping her heart and mind grounded and peaceful.

In the Orthodox Jewish version of the scripture in Isaiah, the phrase “perfect peace” is “shalom shalom.” Any time the Word of God repeats a word, it means an extra measure. So “shalom shalom” means EXTRA peace. PERFECT in scripture doesn’t mean “without fault.” It means “lacking nothing.” So, meditating upon God and His word brings us peace that lacks NOTHING. An EXTRA MEASURE of peace. Peace that helps us navigate the world around us, and the storm within us.

So, our part is to learn about Him, to focus on Him, to keep His word in our hearts. And His part is to put our minds to rest, to calm our fears, to give us peace.

God’s peace, like every other aspect of His nature, is perfect – lacking nothing. Rest secure in that knowledge as you focus on Him today.